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"if you're worried about the slippery slope that comes from restricting nazi speech, why aren't you worried about the slippery slope that comes from letting nazis speak"

That's pithy and I'm definitely stealing it

From the first segment, "Against Free Speech Absolutism", of this podcast:

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If you want a straightforward, practical project to help contribute to leftist, anticapitalist, and anarchist movements, then learn a new language. It is without a doubt one of the most limiting factors in our movements.

What is happened in Iran earlier this year? If I knew farsi I could maybe tell you, but instead I just know what the NYT said happened.



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It’s Bigger than Cuba

To explore the causes and implications of the wave of protests that broke out in Cuba on July 11, we present two interviews with Cuban anarchists and a statement from an anarchist initiative in Cuba.

We have heard a wide range of explanations for last week’s protests in Cuba. Right-wing proponents of capitalism blame the Cuban government, charging that the protests stem from the failures of one-party socialism. Self-proclaimed anti-imperialists blame the United States government, alleging that these protests indicate covert US intervention. Others blame US sanctions on Cuba, suggesting that these are chiefly to blame for creating the economic conditions that sparked the protests.

Each of these narratives contains a grain of truth, but all fall short of grasping the whole. If we do not wish to simply project our own assumptions onto the events, the first thing we should do is to ask Cubans how they understand what is happening.

robot cop dogs "patrolling" homeless encampments in Hawaii, forest fires, flooding in Germany and China, Portland reaching temps of 116f (46.7c), global pandemic with a vaccine available (if you or your government has the $$).

all while billionaires fly to space and self driving cars fill the roads and videos of dancing robots, from the company who created the aforementioned dog robots, goes viral

cyberpunk comes at you fast

it doesn't help that it's impossible to talk about journalism in a critical way without attracting a bunch of right wing bootlickers who think "journalist" refers to anyone they hate and their favorite YouTube grifter has the secret knowledge 🙄

4chan is not a primary source, YouTube "commentary" is not a primary source. jfc

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they even joke about it. "Twitter is a hellsite", "i can't read books anymore lol", "twitter is melting my brain"

but they persist in using Twitter for the sake of their careers, at the expense of journalism as a whole

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I am 100% sincere in my belief that if a journalist has a twitter account, you should weight their opinions as exactly as informed as any other rando on twitter

journalists have spent the last decade human centipeding each other's thoughts and are increasingly not actually doing the legwork themselves

yes, even your faves

this isn't to say they are "wrong" all the time, just that they are operating on the same information as any other heavy twitter user

look at primary sources yourself

Bellingcat Hiring: IT Security Engineer

(Paid full-time position, 40h per week, fixed one-year contract with possibility of extension, based in the Netherlands)

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NFTs are proof positive that the capitalist class will work to manufacture scarcity where none existed before

NFTs are just an obvious money laundering scheme, right??

she's on a plane back to her home

they took her phone and kept her in a cell for 12+ hours

no phone calls, no food, no water, no explanation

I found a lawyer through a friend.

CBP refuses to provide an explanation to the lawyer. Only avenue for recourse left is to FOIA request it

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back in august 2020, my gf went back to home to be with family during covid. the border was closed to US citizens at the time, so i coudn't go with her

been apart for 6 months

today we were going to see each other again. then the CBP at seattle airport denied her entry, took her phone, and wont tell me why

she HAS a visa

fuck america, fuck , fuck , fuck governments

I am so mad

this is not to say "i like the stock", it is to point out how we are careening into a bad bad time and no one realizes it yet. even though the warning signs are so loud

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GME has a bunch of cash and revenue left over from their days as a retailer. They also have a large customer base in their membership program.

They are restructuring to sell that data on the behavior futures markets. In short, they are restructuring to have a tech business model

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Still haven't seen this mentioned in any GME story, so I'll try to lay out: GME is a case study in surveillance capitalism.

This case study shows that covid has accelerated the trend of companies ditching older business models for this new model (which is a money machine impervious to pandemics or anything short of the internet going down)

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I have a lot of thoughts about the GME thing that I have no
desire to discuss on social media.

That said, I do want to point out that this is an especially
salient example of the "Gell-Mann Amnesia effect" meme

"there is no alternative but geo-engineering" is becoming the centrist consensus by way of "objective" journalism

Imagining the brightness of the sun being controlled by a corporation 😬😬😬

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102 years ago this week, 65,000 workers in Seattle (a 5th of the city’s population) participated in a 5 day general strike. The most important lesson to learn from this strike, is that at the absolute peak of US labor power, it accomplished zero of its demands.

Every year local historians will rave about the Seattle General Strike, and laud how peaceful it was, never acknowledging that its peaceful aspect (not to mention that it ended) was its failure.

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Freedom of the press only applies to those who own one.

For decades this press was used to print antiauthoritarian magazine The Match. Now it’s come to us via @blackpowderpress so that we can continue using the old ways to create anarchist propaganda. Now to learn how to use it😬

I hate the phrase "historically low supply of housing" used in the context of explaining the US housing situation

The problem is capitalism, not something material like "supply"

- There are ~15 million vacant houses in the US
- There are ~553 thousand people without shelter on a given night in the US

The difference in those numbers is huge; the solution simple

Articles that make this claim will even link to this data :headdesk:

for example:

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