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If you want a straightforward, practical project to help contribute to leftist, anticapitalist, and anarchist movements, then learn a new language. It is without a doubt one of the most limiting factors in our movements.

What is happened in Iran earlier this year? If I knew farsi I could maybe tell you, but instead I just know what the NYT said happened.



Why is it acceptable to throw back tons of cheese as long as it is in 1-inch cubes with toothpicks in it, but SOMEHOW when I squeeze a handful of shredded cheese into a ball and plop it into my mouth I'M the SLOB


When I first thought of this toot, I thought it was a funny joke toot, but as I typed it out I started taking it more and more seriously

Can we agree to use "wriggle dancing" for what happens when you get high, lay in bed with headphones on, and turn on a good album??

Ok, good, now I can explain that the new Carly Rae Jepsen album makes me wriggle dance

anyone else in seattle going to this 'Neoliberal Seattle: The City as Investment' red may talk?

seems relatable


really love girlfriend reviews on youtube

I mean, I don't evenplay video games anymore and never seen stardew valley, but watched this whole video and loved it

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Game of thrones is just a rip off of iCarly: a thread

paranoid boosted is a thing of beauty!

Fast, efficient, minimal UI.

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a weird thing i really want is a folk punk cover of vienna by billy joel

Well, there is an actual ideologically capitalist white male here who is constantly talking about the success of capitalistic feminism and keeps conflating Marxist feminism with stalinism

To be clear, the issue wasn't that the discussion was not acknowledging or was erasing indigenous people, the violence against them, and their continuous struggle for liberation.

The issue was that, while discussing indigenous struggles, she didn't say the "correct" words

Then some people left after the discussion of a critique of crazy rich asians was brought up

This is an explicitly anti-capitalist, transnational discussion and even in this room liberal, capitalistic feminism is hegemonic

At red may talks, inevitably the 1st attendee questions are always "you didn't say X yet during your talk, are you even a real feminist/socialist/etc"

Person literally asked why a presenter didnt mention more indigenous people, "you ~only~ mentioned mapuche, and indigenous people at the border, why not more? I'm truly shocked"

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hey look, tech capitalism has solved climate catastrophe ... with bottle refilling stations with separate taps for the rich and poor
a reefill machine that gives yo…

Vox is to Venezuela as the New York Times is to Iraq.

Seriously, listen to any of their podcasts where they talk about Venezuela

Hope everyone not satisfied with the "national debate" in France, and is making that known in the streets this may day stays safe

Not seeing much in my timeline, so if anyone is seeing this and seeing stuff coming out of France, please boost that stuff into my tl 🙏

- crows remember faces
- the experiment that determined this was people wearing masks
- I can buy trump masks and antagonize crows
- crows will then pluck out trumps eyes

Sound plan, right?

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