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@paranoid @OCRbot Yeah, we're looking at a future none of us are prepared for. Right now is what we have and we need to not only educate ourselves for a lot of different possible outcomes, but we also need to remember that we can alter some of our possible circumstances by planning mutual aid and building possible services we may soon need. Things like keeping a copy of your important documents on a jump drive, learning how to read a map, or just learning another language are going to be extremely important skills in the future.

@paranoid Things are going to get bad. We need to cultivate the skills and hope we need to help everyone, ourselves included, to get through it. We cannot loose hope. We have to cultivate it even in the worst of times in order to build a better future.

@RadioAngel oh i agree. things are already unreal

I got mosquito bites in seattle this summer

I cannot express how surreal that is.

seattle doesn't (well, used to not) get mosquitoes. no one here would know what to do with a mosquito-related outbreak


Living next to multiple rivers i can tell you... Mosquitos are going to carry zika, West Nile, malaria, dengue fever, equine encephalitis, and it's possible that localized mosquito bourne illnesses pop up as well. The good news is that most of the time the amount of people that will actually catch these is small. The bad news is you never know who will be the one to get it. Best thing to do in is avoid bites with bug sprays or crushed lemon balm rubbed into the skin and always make sure stagnant water sources are drained to prevent them breeding.

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