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@paranoid @OCRbot @jamey How do you decide what a given worker's contribution is and what the value of their compensation should be?

@ndpi @OCRbot @jamey I wouldn't decide. The workers at a workplace should decide amongst themselves


@paranoid (Preface: I'm actually curious about this and not trying to troll you; please forgive me if I ask dumb questions!)

I didn't mean that you personally would decide, but rather what mechanism should people use to device how to distribute resources amongst the members of an organization? Right now it's a "I control these resources so I'm willing to pay this much for your contribution" kind of deal which certainly can be exploitative. What mechanism would you replace it with?

@ndpi it isn't a bad question, it just doesn't have "AN" answer that I can give.

The IWW advocates for direct worker democracy, which I guess would be the actual "mechanism". How this democracy works in practice would be what the iww terms "solidarity unionism".

on smaller scales (worker owned coops) this can be as simple as we all agree to be paid the same

at a larger scale, while far from ideal IMO, it is interesting to look at sweden which has no minimum wage (you can legally be paid 0)

@ndpi instead of a state mandated minimum wage, unions and workers negotiate and set the wages across the entire industry

since you post a lot about tech, i assume you work in tech.

I also assume you have to do a lot of work that you know is critical, but a manager doesnt count as "real" work because they cant list it on a report of new features?

@paranoid @OCRbot wait is the iww furry organized now

Cause I'm into it

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@paranoid That's definitely wobblydev's art


Can't find what branch they're at though so maybe we're both right

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