Now that the united front against trump is fracturing and dems are moving to re-up their power and surveillance capabilities, can we all go back to admitting that the NYT is terrible and actively harmful??

They are constantly wrong (intentionally or not) about very high stakes things

Their latest daily podcast episode, "Is more violence coming," is a good example of muddled thinking, constantly playing catch-up, and spreading FUD

People assume the democrats are in the executive position now.
I disagree. This is a branch of the New World Order. There will be no more democracy...that is now history.

@UnderScoper i mean, they literally literally are not, just on paper (until the 20th)

that said, there never was democracy, not in the US

Also, there is no new world order, the world isn't flat and simple, so if our analysis is, that should be a major hint to ourselves that we are either missing something, or are participating in thinking meant to comfort us rather than aid our movements

Thanks for responding. It would seem to me, given recent events, there are indeed certain manifest powers that greatly influence policy around the world.
There are areas of global governance which are kept out of scrutiny by ordinary citizens...and the people involved are given many levels of security clearances before they are given disclosure to such sensitive material.
JFK warned of the dangers of this in the 1960s.

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