I am 100% sincere in my belief that if a journalist has a twitter account, you should weight their opinions as exactly as informed as any other rando on twitter

journalists have spent the last decade human centipeding each other's thoughts and are increasingly not actually doing the legwork themselves

yes, even your faves

this isn't to say they are "wrong" all the time, just that they are operating on the same information as any other heavy twitter user

look at primary sources yourself


they even joke about it. "Twitter is a hellsite", "i can't read books anymore lol", "twitter is melting my brain"

but they persist in using Twitter for the sake of their careers, at the expense of journalism as a whole

it doesn't help that it's impossible to talk about journalism in a critical way without attracting a bunch of right wing bootlickers who think "journalist" refers to anyone they hate and their favorite YouTube grifter has the secret knowledge 🙄

4chan is not a primary source, YouTube "commentary" is not a primary source. jfc

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