If you want a straightforward, practical project to help contribute to leftist, anticapitalist, and anarchist movements, then learn a new language. It is without a doubt one of the most limiting factors in our movements.

What is happened in Iran earlier this year? If I knew farsi I could maybe tell you, but instead I just know what the NYT said happened.



@paranoid It is a great praxis to learn the language of a different ethnicity living in your region. I live in a Spanish-speaking country, and we've had a great influx of Haitian immigrants coming in to work in the recent years. They have become part of the working class and they endure even greater struggles than us. I have suggested time and time again we should translate our Anarchist publications in Creole for them. Similarly, we've seen this happening in other countries with the refugees.

@Amr There's also this:

Imagine a native Haitian speaker comes across a poster you have put up in Spanish. They know Spanish and can read the information.

Now imagine the same scenario, but the poster is in Haitian.

Same information is transmitted, but the effect is very different.

in 1, the Haitian may feel like an outsider observing someone calling out to someone else, but not them

in 2, they will understand intimately that the message was meant to include them. was calling out for them

@paranoid also important to learn the indigenous language(s) of the place(s) you live, if the indigenous people want you to (where I come from the indigenous people are super keen for everyone in the country to learn Te Reo Māori). Keeping languages alive keeps the histories and philosophies encoded in those languages alive

@paranoid Incidentally, I know a farsi speaker on a diaspora pod. Posts quite a bit about the situation, and is neither pro-US or pro-gov.

@paranoid dm'd you the profile, it's not a secret, he's in a safe location, but ... you know, you never know.

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