If you want to feel more freaked out than usual by try this:

1. get high
2. watch 'neo yokio: pink christmas' on netflix
3. immediately after watch 'the american meme' on netflix

😲 😩

From Love is Not Enough | by Frances Gregory

I am not
will never be
have never been

I love you
but my fist is a muscle
the size of my heart
and both beat strong
while neither can yield harm.

My stories are mine,
understated constellations
laced and woven into
your cosmology,

and I have enough tears now
to water your garden

"The problem is that the problem is us."

From the book 'Learning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization'

Amateur: A True Story About What Makes a Man | by Thomas Page McBee

Just finished this and cannot recommend more

In this book, the author, a trans man, examines "becoming a man" and "masculinity" in a mindful, observant, and intentional way that cis men never do (because they are dumb teenagers when they absorb these concepts, and then almost never revisit them after becoming adults)

I love this banned-books coffee mug my partner got for me.

Seeing the titles fade in and out never gets old

Ever since I read 24/7 by Jonathan Crary I find myself wanting to recommend it after so many conversations with friends, or thinking about it after reading a wide array of articles on apparently unrelated topics.

It is short (128p) and I highly recommend it

Bad TV | by Andrea Long Chu

"The warm togetherness of the average American family gathered around a little box in their living room was a lie fabricated to keep people off the streets where politics might happen."

Really like this quote even if the rest of the essay refutes it ("refutes" might not be the right word, since it is more a describing of a paradigm shift in the definition of politics that comes with TV)


I still basically never read books on an e-reader, but reading internet articles and blog posts on an e-reader has been a game changer

I also use e-readers for technical books that will go out of date quickly.

For example, if I had bought physical books when learning Android development I would have a bunch of useless Android 2.0 books taking up space on my shelf.

Millennials and the Moments That Made Us | by Shaun Scott

Really enjoyed this book.

Also, is there a Lewis' Law for commentary on Millennials? Because Janet shows up in the goodreads comments acting just like you'd think a Janet would


This guy greeted the seattle city council (who just repealed the tax that would raise money for our houseless crisis) with a "What's up, Bootlickers" 😂 🖤

follows up with "I'm a father, a verteran, and an anarchist"

full video here (andy enters at around 38:30): seattlechannel.org/videos?vide

Whither Anarchism | Kristian Williams

Kristian is excellent at putting the words to the malaise I have had towards anarchism lately

To Our Friends | by The Invisible Committee

"[...] then periodic return to a comfortable and desperate separation/constant distraction, hence ignorance of oneself, hence fear of oneself, hence fear of the other."

From :

We've prepared an Arabic translation of our "Immigrants welcome" poster for the walls of your community.

- poster in Arabic: cwc.im/ImmigrantsWelcomeArabic
- poster & sticker in English: cwc.im/immigrantswelcome
- More posters: cwc.im/posters
- More on borders: cwc.im/borders

If you want a straightforward, practical project to help contribute to leftist, anticapitalist, and anarchist movements, then learn a new language. It is without a doubt one of the most limiting factors in our movements.

What is happened in Iran earlier this year? If I knew farsi I could maybe tell you, but instead I just know what the NYT said happened.

- language.media.mit.edu/visuali

- sciencemag.org/news/2014/12/wa

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