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I know this is trite, but I read poetry after 2 Manhattans tonight.

This is the first time for be of reading poetry non-sober

I finally get it. Tears in my eyes, reflecting on my life

I love this banned-books coffee mug my partner got for me.

Seeing the titles fade in and out never gets old

Ever since I read 24/7 by Jonathan Crary I find myself wanting to recommend it after so many conversations with friends, or thinking about it after reading a wide array of articles on apparently unrelated topics.

It is short (128p) and I highly recommend it

I still basically never read books on an e-reader, but reading internet articles and blog posts on an e-reader has been a game changer

I also use e-readers for technical books that will go out of date quickly.

For example, if I had bought physical books when learning Android development I would have a bunch of useless Android 2.0 books taking up space on my shelf.

Millennials and the Moments That Made Us | by Shaun Scott

Really enjoyed this book.

Also, is there a Lewis' Law for commentary on Millennials? Because Janet shows up in the goodreads comments acting just like you'd think a Janet would

Sincere question: who is this generations Oscar Wilde? Please direct me to their art, I really need it right now

To Our Friends | by The Invisible Committee

"[...] then periodic return to a comfortable and desperate separation/constant distraction, hence ignorance of oneself, hence fear of oneself, hence fear of the other."

Anyone have a favorite "intro to anti-capitalism" text they recommend for deprogramming people? Especially those with mental hurdles with small businesses and "talent"?

cc @paulfree14

rant(ish) about the science section of bookstores 


FIYAH: A Magazine of Speculative Black Fiction | Issue #2: SPILLING TEA

EVERYONE, in this issue one of the stories is a hard-boiled detective story where the detective is a literal hard-boiled 🥚.

I giggled the whole way through 🤣