I know fedi is mostly people who have been hit hard by the layoffs, so all i am really asking is if you can share this link on mainstream social sites if you still have an account on them 🙏

Left Bank Books, an anarchist bookstore in seattle, needs some help:


it was a beautiful day in seattle yesterday. decided to walk to the park and smoke (assumed it would be empty)

instead there was a ragtag brass band with people spread out in the park (more than 6ft, no large groups)

(i didnt smoke, too many kids)

An American Anarchist:The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre | by Paul Avrich.

Almost felt like an anarchist prayer

Also, Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith and Holofernes is at the SAM until the 26th and i love it

May you be a Judith decapitating a Holofernes,
A Joan of Arc leading a people to victory,
A Louise Michel fighting on the barricades,
A Voltairine de Cleyre singing songs of revolt,
An Emma Goldman preaching the gospel of rebellion.

i guess it is official. snow is now something that happens in seattle every year

Don't suppose anyone in has some tickets to days and daze and AJJ shows this week they're trying to get rid of?

Just a difference of opinions folks. Some people think transit should be free, some people think the government should round up, torture, and kill political opponents

yeesh this comment from a local news site about a seattle fare strike. The comment links out to a torture scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs


This Is Hell!

episode 1098: Mourning Thanksgiving.



Yesterday I learned

- thanksgiving has been celebrated in the US since the 1600s
- the "pilgrims and indians" bits of the myth were added in the 1800s as WASP propaganda

so I guess a reminder that if you live and/or work in , to make rent payments to the Duwamish Tribe.


We are getting close to the 11th annual Seattle Anarchist Book Fair!

Great chance to connect with old friends and make some new ones

(more info in the PSA link below)






seattle-area folx:

The seattle branch of the IWW will be holding an Organizer Training 101 (OT101) on November 23 and 24

We need to get organized to be prepared for shenanigans — like the cafe vita stuff from this month. Stuff like that is *always* going down and the time to start organizing is yesterday

Then check out registration page here: seattleiww.org/ot101registrati

following up on this cafe vita thing.

Looks like cafe vita is implying people CHOOSE to be homeless so they can get sweet sweet free coffee

reminder that capitalists are not good people. even "small, local" varieties

source: twitter.com/spekulation/status


(tagging nyc as they recently opened a shop there)

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i love that walking through seattle, slightly high, enjoying the first rain and hearing groups of people cheering/whistling at the lightning strikes

i also love that when i log into mastodon my feed is mostly people loving on the first real rain since the start of summer

bumbershoot, seattle local 

I'm not good at Follow Fridays, but if you are in the Pacific Northwest you should give @Moss a follow request

They do great follow-friday threads with PNW locals to fill up your feed with (which I really enjoy, even if it is *very* weird for me to see a fedi person IRL just going about town)

video of seattle police arresting a 13 year old kid for a climate change protest

are you kidding me, someone CALLED the police on these kids

it's not like they were planting bombs on a pipeline, this was a very non-action symbolic protest and even that was too much for people in seattle

video: twitter.com/350_Seattle/status

more info: sawant.seattle.gov/stand-with-


Attention seattle-area folx:

The seattle branch of the IWW will be holding an Organizer Training 101 (OT101) on August 24 and 25

Interested in organizing your own workplace to fix the problems the bosses won't?

Then check out registration page here: seattleiww.org/ot101registrati

tweet from the seattle iww account: twitter.com/SeattleIWW/status/

Just randomly reading the google reviews of one of my favorite coffee spots in Seattle. Sometimes, I really love this place 😂


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