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Maybe I'm just too high, but hearing a state AG be farther left than a mainstream news site is breaking my brain.

The interviewer gets uncomfortable and gets like, "uh, people might say the Nazi comparisons are a little much", and she's like, "I think they're right on point"

It was genuinely jarring to hear that from an AG


A friend came over and we got high and somehow started talking about sweeping and this ended up with me giving a legit sweeping lesson (followed by a dustpan lesson) because they where legit sweeping wrong their whole life because no one ever taught them

Can we agree to use "wriggle dancing" for what happens when you get high, lay in bed with headphones on, and turn on a good album??

Ok, good, now I can explain that the new Carly Rae Jepsen album makes me wriggle dance

- crows remember faces
- the experiment that determined this was people wearing masks
- I can buy trump masks and antagonize crows
- crows will then pluck out trumps eyes

Sound plan, right?