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me reading a poem about sexual violence, audio recording 

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how to teach white kids that cops aren't good part 2 of ? 

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how to teach white kids that cops aren't good 

if you want to sad laugh, search the internet for "how to scarf" and witness the niche insecurity of

MANLY ways to tie a scarf
how to tie a scarf FOR MEN
MANLY scarf knots
the MAN's guide to tying a scarf


An American Anarchist:The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre | by Paul Avrich.

Almost felt like an anarchist prayer

Also, Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith and Holofernes is at the SAM until the 26th and i love it

May you be a Judith decapitating a Holofernes,
A Joan of Arc leading a people to victory,
A Louise Michel fighting on the barricades,
A Voltairine de Cleyre singing songs of revolt,
An Emma Goldman preaching the gospel of rebellion.

i guess it is official. snow is now something that happens in seattle every year

@dredmorbius otm is so consistently good at deconstructing media narratives. Going to check out this episode tonight

Into The War | by Italo Calvino

History sure does rhyme

This is an image that is a mashup of the two opening pages to "Into the War", a book by Italo Calvino.

The book opens with a page of very mundane descriptions of some Italian teenagers just being teenagers. And then suddenly, Mussolini has announced Italy will enter the war.

borders and governments don't protect you, but they can sure get you killed

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Dino's Tomato Pie is the best pizza in #seattle don't @ me and also look at their website:

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anti-war rally @ Westlake, 2-3pm Saturday January 4th

Unfortunately, as usual for any kind of rally in this area, all the information online is on Facebook, but I found this on reddit.


I've been AFK all day. Give me the summary: will there be war with Iran starting tomorrow?

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#Crimethinc’s book, “From Democracy to Freedom: The difference between government and self-determination” is a great read and also free in PDF format. Donate if you can!

> ...what would it mean to seek freedom directly rather than through democratic rule?


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@paranoid Tu parle plusieurs langues ?

Tu veux aider à traduire les articles de ?

Envoie un email à

Tu peux aussi traduire ce pouet !

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Fascists: Fascist is an insult

Liberals: Liberal is an insult

Tankies: Tankie is an insult

TERFs: TERF is an insult


hey, folx

a librarian is trying to restock a university library and is looking for suggestions that include accounts of queer veterans that are not supportive of the military.

Also, anything on pinkwashing.

any ideas?

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Henlo Hello everyone. If you know someone who's up to drawing illustration for the project ( by @hakan_geijer ), or if you feel like doing so yourself, please let us know!

The project is "A free manual for practicing insurrectionary medicine." For example, helping medics in riots, community self-help, natural disaster response and more...

It's free, and currently in progress!

Please, boost it! :boost_ok: :kirby_happy:

#art #riot #illustration #boost #anarchism

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