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Minneapolis police killed Bayle Gelle's son, then raided his house in the middle of the night, terrorizing him, his wife, and their younger children.

Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are complaining about graffiti on their houses. They don't know how poor people live in the USA.

Does anyone know if there has been any local reporting out of Sweden about the ideology of Anders Tegnell, the state epidemiologist?

reading this story makes me wonder if he is some sort of closet social darwinist or eugenicist or something

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In Italia una casa editrice può stampare e diffondere un’opera di uno scrittore morto senza dover dare dei soldi ai suoi eredi se sono passati almeno 70 anni dalla sua morte. Per la precisione, 70 anni e qualche mese, settimana o giorno, perché per le regole europee, a prescindere che una scrittrice o uno scrittore siano morti a gennaio o a dicembre, il diritto d’autore scade sempre il 31 dicembre e le opere entrano nel pubblico dominio il primo gennaio. Quindi oggi si sono liberate dal copyright tutte le opere letterarie scritte da persone morte nel corso del 1950. Tra gli altri si fanno notare soprattutto due nomi, ancora molto letti a distanza di decenni, da studenti e no: quelli di George Orwell e Cesare Pavese.

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Belarusian anarchists from Pramen collective recorded video statement for the new year. English subtitles inside. #Belarus #anarhism #HappyNewYear

What are some of the shitty things the NYT has done this year?

- supporting a right wing coup in bolivia
- calling for the military to be deployed against US citizens
- attacking sex workers by amplifying Christian group exodus cry's propaganda
- the caliphate podcast series
- michael barbaro

What else?

can't nobody tell me i'm in a leftist media bubble

on this podcast, i just listened to bill gates say "i'm not a radical, i'm more of a centrist". then immediately rashida jones introduces bono to the podcast, bono proceeds to call bill gates his "comrade". Then the next guest, kerry washington, proceeds to provide activist bona fides by telling a story about her mother crossing a teacher strike picket line (it was implied that it was justified, but details and context were not given)

😂 😂 😂

@douginamug there isn't one. After the new board takes office in 2021 they will implement the passed 2020 referendums, which will be reflected in the constitution posted on the website

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pol, David Graeber quote, carework 

@poebbel not so much where I grew up. I know a *tiny* bit about the language of where I have been living the last decade. There are a lot of anglicized place names that come from the language. There are re-vitalization efforts going on within that community

@poebbel also, from my personal experience as growing up as a typical monolingual american, and then learning my first language (to even a very low level) really broke my brain (in a good way). Makes the feeling of the arbitrary nature of your place of birth, borders, etc. felt in your bones, rather than simply as an intellectual thought. At least that's how it felt to me

@poebbel when i wrote that, it was in the context of union organizing. I was trying to convince others that you can't just put a poster (or w/e) in english, and then wonder why you're having a hard time making inroads into the Spanish speaking community (or whatever language). It's not simply about the conveying of information (e.g. "rally at noon"). Even if someone *can* read english, it can feel like an overheard conversation, not a direct invitation, if it's not in their 1st lang

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@paranoid maybe a bit of a tangent, but one of the most brilliant books i've read in a long time is samia khatun's "autralianama". its starting-point is the discovery of a book in a mosque in an outback mining town. a string of (monolingual) australian historians assume that the book, which is written in bengali, is a copy of the quran. but khatun, who migrated to australia from bangladesh as a child, figures out that it is in fact a compendium of poetry called "kasasol ambia". "australianama" is her attempt to start reading the history of the continent through the epistemic strategies embodied in the book's songs and stories. part of the task is to learn bengali, which at the beginning of her research she herself speaks very little of.

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@paranoid ah, ok. i think your exhortation is spot on, by the way.

linguistic hegemony and racism are also mutually supporting dimensions of the theory and practice of oppression.

@poebbel it was from this interactive tool from mit, but looks like the URL is dead now

@poebbel oh, this is hell also has some imf specific episodes:

and interviews with graeber (not aboujt the imf):

hope this helps!

@poebbel I am not exactly sure if this helps, but the radio show "this is hell!" has a decent backlog of interviews about greece (and their "debt crisis"), so that might be a good jumping off point:

crimethinc also has a book, from democracy to freedom, that has a chapter on greece:

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