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When I feel like I am without hope, I remind myself that, barring an accident, I will live to see a world where all of the baby boomers have died off.

Amateur: A True Story About What Makes a Man | by Thomas Page McBee

Just finished this and cannot recommend more

In this book, the author, a trans man, examines "becoming a man" and "masculinity" in a mindful, observant, and intentional way that cis men never do (because they are dumb teenagers when they absorb these concepts, and then almost never revisit them after becoming adults)

hey : does anyone know of that app/website that was sort of like a kickstarter-type pledge thing for coordinated twitter campaigns?

You set a threshold for people to boost an issue and once the threshold was tripped it started the campaign

I feel like i have seen macc nyc or IGD use it before, but cant find any reference to it on their twitters

Something about “shout” maybe? Or storm?

Watch "The Bleeding Edge" on Netflix NOW!

Holy shit I knew it was bad but this is "we need to go back to 'propaganda by the deed' bad"

I know this is trite, but I read poetry after 2 Manhattans tonight.

This is the first time for be of reading poetry non-sober

I finally get it. Tears in my eyes, reflecting on my life

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"Concepts pile up like colliding automobiles, flying off in every direction, leaving a trail of unresolved ideas in their wake"

I love this banned-books coffee mug my partner got for me.

Seeing the titles fade in and out never gets old

Ever since I read 24/7 by Jonathan Crary I find myself wanting to recommend it after so many conversations with friends, or thinking about it after reading a wide array of articles on apparently unrelated topics.

It is short (128p) and I highly recommend it

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Bad TV | by Andrea Long Chu

"The warm togetherness of the average American family gathered around a little box in their living room was a lie fabricated to keep people off the streets where politics might happen."

Really like this quote even if the rest of the essay refutes it ("refutes" might not be the right word, since it is more a describing of a paradigm shift in the definition of politics that comes with TV)

Sometimes on mastodon you get confused about drama bc you forget you already have a domain block on certain instances and only see half of the shitstorm

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There was an article I wanted to read, but now I cant find it. Help?

I thought it was called "against equality of police surveillance"

Written by a black person, it was an argument that was discussing that fact that facial recognition software doesn't work well for anyone except white people, and the author was against all the calls for equality in facial software because it would mainly be used for surveillance

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