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Garlic Festival Terrorism 

domain block 

Attention seattle-area folx:

The seattle branch of the IWW will be holding an Organizer Training 101 (OT101) on August 24 and 25

Interested in organizing your own workplace to fix the problems the bosses won't?

Then check out registration page here:

tweet from the seattle iww account:

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General politics 

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Ok he literally released a song TODAY called “Afilando Los Cuchillos” (“Sharpening the Knives”) in which he threatens to burn down the government and defends the act of vandalism

#ComradeBadBunny #PuertoRico

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This is why I shoplift from high-income neighborhoods

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How do #anarchist s deal with disruptive people? I've seen the intentionally disruptive taken to one side by someone who effectively sacrifices themselves and absorbs their efforts instead of letting it spread to the wider group. Are there other techniques?

did you sell "decentralized" coins on Coinbase? SCAB
did you listen to spotify? SCAB
did you watch netflix? SCAB
did you read reddit? SCAB
did you use a Kellogg or Unilever product? SCAB

Read Guardian News? SCAB

Johnson & Johnson?
Lonely Planet?



talking about "not crossing the amazon picket line" is fun symbolic action and all, but everyone probably "scabbed" because pretty much every website, app, point of sale, etc. (including your masto instance) is likely using AWS

we are still at a point where people are shocked company X is actually company Y

(goodreads = amazon, whatsapp = FB)

meanwhile, amazon is literally monopolizing the infrastructure so even our "decentralized, federated, coop run" stuff is going through them

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The media is lying.

#WillemVanSpronsen didn't hurt anyone and didn't target cops.

He destroyed ICE transport vehicles.

Unlike the right wing murderers of Heather Heyer and 9 Charleston churchgoers, Willem was given an extrajudicial execution by Tacoma Police.

Rest in power.

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Fwd from Haymaker Gym, Chicago on the death of anarchist, antifascist Wilem Van Spronsen who attempted to burn immigration police buses to sabotage deportation enforcement at NWDC in Tacoma, WA (run by GEO Group):

"Sometimes our love, rage, and grief hit a breaking point & we do things that feel right even though they aren’t strategic. I don’t know what #WillemVanSpronsen was feeling in his last hours but my guess is that he desperately wanted to end the horror of fascist camps *right now*."

Just randomly reading the google reviews of one of my favorite coffee spots in Seattle. Sometimes, I really love this place 😂


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i'm watching a video that called j k rowling 'the elon musk of children's literature' and i'm still not sure which direction the burn goes.

katie herzog is the undisputed champion of bad takes and liberal fascist apologetics


"If the members of Antifa actually wanted to effect political change and counter the aims of the Proud Boys, they could put down the milkshakes and, say, register people to vote."

"Members of Antifa beat a small, gay, Asian-American journalist in Portland this weekend. Brave! "

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Actually getting to knownyour neighbors is :praxis_100: and that's why it's so hard. Because it matters.

there is definitely an uncanny valley of youtube video based on an inverse proportion of views and video post-editing quality

A friend came over and we got high and somehow started talking about sweeping and this ended up with me giving a legit sweeping lesson (followed by a dustpan lesson) because they where legit sweeping wrong their whole life because no one ever taught them

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