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William Planer, neo-Nazi who participated in the violent stabbing attack of anti-racists in #Sacramento in 2016 has been out of prison for a month and is extremely disappointed at the level of decay and disorganization of the neo-Nazi and white nationalist movement.

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Scientists determine it may not be possible to live, laugh, love all at the same time

"They want to take the higher ground. They want to embrace books, movies, television that take the higher ground, that don’t have an axe to grind, and that aren’t polemical, or don’t take a political side. "


i dont think anyone uses the term
"higher ground" like that...

i believe the idiom they are looking for is "sitting on the fence"

meant to share a timestamped link, but guess i was too high at the time.

21:30 is the relevant bit:

(the whole interview isn't really worth the time unless you are interested in tracking mainstream centrist politics (which i am))

Maybe I'm just too high, but hearing a state AG be farther left than a mainstream news site is breaking my brain.

The interviewer gets uncomfortable and gets like, "uh, people might say the Nazi comparisons are a little much", and she's like, "I think they're right on point"

It was genuinely jarring to hear that from an AG

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just ignore everything i am tooting tn

sat next to a "market realist" at a cafe today. things he talked about to his friend included:

- "market forces will result in carbon-0 by 2035 as long as there are no regulations"
- "the artic is actually gaining ice"
- burning man ("they call it the playa")
- stephen pinker
- gender pronouns (laughs)
- natural sun-cycles
- "records come and go" (wrt July temps)
- millennials
- "i met him in Istanbul"
- "my first book was marketing"

so i am grouch

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Is generalizing bad?

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portland fascists 

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who are antifa? / Portland 

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re: pdx, the protest 

ok, i found this documentation:

and this GH issue that i dont have the energy to read through at the moment:

seems like the answer to my questions are

1. yes, IP block can (and probably do) have collateral damage

2. if you are actively being targeted, it seems like an IP block is still worth it

3. this isn't a masto/fedi specific problem, it is an issue with IP addresses themselves

I think it has something to do with preventing relays and scrapers who are pulling stuff manually (skipping the API/activityPub) but I am not sure...

trying to google but I am pretty bad with computer networking and always worried I will accidentally block everyone and not realize it 😅

With the various blocking efforts (archivers, spammers, gab, etc.) a technique I've seen recommended the last year has been IP-level blocks.

I haven't done this b.c. I am worried about accidentily blocking an IP block that is a cloud host (digital ocean, aws, etc) especially bc with cloud hosting those IPs get recycled

Isn't this the whole idea behind "domain fronting"¹

also what's the gain over domain blocks?


I'm not good at Follow Fridays, but if you are in the Pacific Northwest you should give @Moss a follow request

They do great follow-friday threads with PNW locals to fill up your feed with (which I really enjoy, even if it is *very* weird for me to see a fedi person IRL just going about town)

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