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Into The War | by Italo Calvino

History sure does rhyme

This is an image that is a mashup of the two opening pages to "Into the War", a book by Italo Calvino.

The book opens with a page of very mundane descriptions of some Italian teenagers just being teenagers. And then suddenly, Mussolini has announced Italy will enter the war.

borders and governments don't protect you, but they can sure get you killed

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Dino's Tomato Pie is the best pizza in #seattle don't @ me and also look at their website:

I've been AFK all day. Give me the summary: will there be war with Iran starting tomorrow?

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@paranoid Tu parle plusieurs langues ?

Tu veux aider à traduire les articles de ?

Envoie un email à

Tu peux aussi traduire ce pouet !

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Fascists: Fascist is an insult

Liberals: Liberal is an insult

Tankies: Tankie is an insult

TERFs: TERF is an insult


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In honor of now CWing shit that you really shouldn't need sheltering from, just a reminder that the Duwamish tribe, the original tribe in the Seattle area, still isn't federally recognized, they receive no assistance at all from the federal government. No land, nothing, despite still living in Seattle, and especially tending to live in areas of Seattle that have been industrialized & terribly polluted. The Duwamish river's still a superfund site. This shit is happening right here and now.

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Moved things around a tiny bit to make the Bullshit Jobs flyer prettier, I think this is the final version. This is free to print, hang, hand out, alter, share, anything you want! Please do - I want to get more people talking about this!

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Don't suppose anyone in has some tickets to days and daze and AJJ shows this week they're trying to get rid of?

Dead Astronauts | by Jeff Vandermeer

"The three knew they were disposable and finite and vulnerable. But they also knew they were rare and precious"


Big mood right now

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These two ex-Slack product managers want to replace bus stations with industrial agriculture

Just a difference of opinions folks. Some people think transit should be free, some people think the government should round up, torture, and kill political opponents

yeesh this comment from a local news site about a seattle fare strike. The comment links out to a torture scene from the movie Reservoir Dogs

This Is Hell!

episode 1098: Mourning Thanksgiving.


Yesterday I learned

- thanksgiving has been celebrated in the US since the 1600s
- the "pilgrims and indians" bits of the myth were added in the 1800s as WASP propaganda

so I guess a reminder that if you live and/or work in , to make rent payments to the Duwamish Tribe.


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Workshop Times and Titles for the #Seattle #AnarchistBookFair

Saturday Nov. 30

10:30am – 12pm
- Building an Escalation Campaign
- The Sheer Terror of Holding on to Nothingness (Trace Fleeman y Garcia)

12:30pm – 2pm
- Anarchy in the SF: A Panel on Speculative Fiction with Nisi Shaw
- Navigating Anarchism in the Academy: Skills, Strategies, Emotions, and Destruction in Education (Bobbi and Eir)

2pm – 3:30pm
- WTO 20th Anniversary Panel
- Updates on the Clallum Bay Prison Strike

Sunday Dec. 1

10:30am – 12pm
- Indigenous Futurisms and Presents (Hexe)
- Flip the Script: Film History, Deconstruction, and Production Workshop

1pm – 2pm
- All Power to the People: Portable Electrical Supply and You
- Whatever Happened to Anti-Globalization? (John Zerzan)

2pm – 3:30pm
- Queer Wanderings in the Anti-Nazi Underworld
- Firearms 101 (Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club)

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if you're going to recommend to someone that they get high and listen to an album, you gotta warn them if the album can in any way be described as psychedelic

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The #Seattle winter thing where you have to check-in with yourself around 3:30pm, to see if there's anything you really need to do while there's still one hour of functional daylight left.

Sunset for today, Nov 10, is 4:38pm.

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